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December 28, 2013

News of the birth party of the Argentine my close friend.
The left is the Sr Rodolfo Hoya Soto. The friend who the right is covered with a Panama hat, and smokes a cigar of Havana. The photograph depends on the offer from a close friend.

Familiar tennis companions assemble in full force.
December 28, 2013

The champagne which that cooled will be served in the last of the party.

They drink champagnes well in Argentina. It is delicious and cheaply. I got back to Japan and, for three years, I do not have a chance to drink one cup in now either. I want to go to Argentina again!
December 28, 2013

Materials (approximately 30 kg) of Assad (charcoal fire firing beef barbecue)

Assad (charcoal fire firing beef barbecue) about. It will be run more than two hours and bake it slowly.