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Electrolyze Water
PROTON CORPORATION CO.,LTD., http://www.proton-corp.co.jp

3 kinds of water useful for "health" "dish" "beauty" is generated from tap water. Production, sale and business of import and export of the management medical equipment with which we make "reduced water". The electrolyze water with "reduced water" and generated.
Overseas business areworking on Myanmar Hong Kong. Also,Thailand and India are promoting too.

Deodorization Machine 
KATANO KOGYO CO.,LTD  http://www.navida.ne.jp/snavi/5418_1.html

Without using the air cooling equipment by which it's for a fan, this product is the sterilization deodorant equipment which makes a great deal of ion wind be diffused in an interior. Even air, bedclothes and a carpet in the whole interior made sterilization deodorization possible to make a sterilization high concentration ion, not to deodorize it and low concentration ozone bring about the air breathed in like an air cleaner most suitably.

KRETZ, ARGENTINA  http://www.kretz.com.ar

A superior, medium-ranking business in Argentine. Manufacturing and selling the electronic weighing instrumen, such as, Balancer and Resister in Agentina and Mexico.They are exporting in 11 Latin America areas widely. An advance to Japan and Asia will be planned in the future. Higo Corporation is Japan and an Asian overall agency.

Drinking Water Refine

NATURAL WATER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY   http://naturalwater.lolipop.jp

The small plant where safe relieved drinking water is refined from seawater, river water and groundwater. Prepared for the various conditions. The high water processing technique which changes seawater, river water and groundwater to the number of good drinks which clear 50 items of Japanese waterworks way standard, the equipment which united and enabled full-automatic operation. The design of manual actuation is also possible by the point that the cost of initials when introducing, is reduced. Design according to the request in detail.

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